Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vancouver X Goiania

My home city is Goiania, it’s a small city in the west-center of Brazil near the capital Brasilia. It has 1, 24 million habitants and is the capital of Goias, my state. Goiania is very different from Vancouver witch is a rich city, very modern with lots of ways of transports, in Goiania we just have cars and buses and they all work with gasoline, not energy like here. Is not that common to see lots of bikes and people with rollerblades, but it has lot of motorcycles, which is not good because they just don’t respect the traffic signal, what makes the traffic in rush hours, very bad. The weather is different too, my city used to be very hot and dry, sunny the whole day, making people sweat. Our winter is not cold at all, it’s about 20 degrees Celsius and that’s already cold for us there. We have never had snow. Sometimes we get lots of rain but is not as strong and constantly as in Vancouver. All we need is an air conditioner everywhere and we’re fine. We have lots of parks just like in Vancouver but they’re not as big as here, we have lots of flowers and sometimes you can see little monkeys jumping on the trees, but you`ll never see squirrels, what is very common here. A huge difference between this two cities are the mountains. Here in Vancouver the view is so nice, if you look up North direction you’re going to see lots of mountains some of them with snow on the top while we are in the summer here. Goiania is a very plan city, what makes easier to walk because you don’t have to go up on hills.
Another thing that I love in Vancouver are all the tall and amazing buildings, made of glass. In my city we have lots of apartments, but they’re not as tall or beautiful like here. The sea is another wonderful thing in Vancouver; we can go to the beach when the weather is warm. Beaches here are not as beautiful as in Brazil but is also very fun to play in the sand because the water is veeery cold!
Although I love both cities and I’m having a wonderful time in Vancouver =D.

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