Wednesday, September 3, 2008

new friends and the hard "goodbye"

Before I come to Vancouver I was in Winnipeg for 6 months and it was an amazing experience!! I was studying high school and there I met lots of Brazilians so we became very close. They were my best friends, we used to see each other every single day. We studied together, after school we hang out anywhere, sometimes at the mall or at or at a friend’s house, restaurants, and lots of parties... always with about 25 or more young Brazilians from different cities.
They were my family. But after 6 months they had to go back to Brazil and I came to stay a year in Canada, so say goodbye to them was so hard. I went to the airport almost everyday, helped them packing... it was very sad. The bad feeling that I’m not going to see them again until I back to my country. All the fun we had together now are just memories and I have to start a new life with new friends and family in another city. After that I felt so lonely and depressed, it seemed that nobody was good friends enough like them.
I also had this feeling after living in Montreal for a month. It was a short time, but in the residence that I stayed everybody was so friendly and so helpful that I cried when I left them.
Today I miss them all a lot. I miss my Brazilian friends, and people from all over world that I met in Montreal. But we keep in contact, sometimes they call me to hear some news or I call them. And when I go back to Brazil I’m sure the first people I want to meet are my friends. I’m going to visit them in each city in the country and we are going to remember the good times and have lots of fun together again! It is going to be wonderful. Just like the friends that I’m making in Vancouver, I’m going to miss them so bad when I leave = (
But remember: my house is always opened for all the friends I made from other countries! You are all very welcome and maybe one day I’ll travel around the world and go to them cities too. Being an exchange student is so grateful but sometimes is sad...

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